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 Stephane Lambiel talked about Daisuke in

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PostSubject: Stephane Lambiel talked about Daisuke in    Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:15 pm

Stephane Lambiel's interview by
He was interviewed by a Japanese, so, I think, he had to say something complimenting about Dai-chan. Still it's a lovely interview. I love you I love you The interview took place just before he flew to L.A. I'm sorry for my English... tongue

First he talked about the collaboration with Shizuka. And then talked about Dai-chan.

Q: Why did you choreograph for Daisuke Takahashi who was actually your rival?
A: Fortunately I've never thought of other skaters as my rivals. So I've never thought of Daisuke as one who I had to beat. I'm always thinking if I could help him because I'm interested in his personality and style of figure skating and I have a feeling of friendship with him.

I feel some similarity between Daisuke and me. I like his sensitivity. The words "You can ask me anytime if there are things I can help you with." came out of me naturally when I met him in an ice show. It was just a casual offer like if I could help him with for example like the technique of rotation.

Q: So it naturally turned out to this collaboration of choreography?
A: Exactly. He was a skater who I was pleased to teach. He listened to my words carefully with concentration. And he was well motivated.

In the current world, it's hard to find such a skater like him, who pours one's passion into figure skating that much and is fully motivated. It's wonderful. I think it isn't too much to say "Figure skating exists for Daisuke". Therefore I'd like to support him.

Q: Aren't you the same? We can say "Figure skating exists for Lambiel."
A: Yes. (with a shy smile) That's why I keep skating.

Q: Amelie is calm but at the same time a very expressive piece of music. What would you like convey to him?
A: First of all, Amelie is waltz. The rythm of waltz is a very comfortable rythm for figure skating.

BTW, The excitement which I feel when I skate and wind blows gently over my skin, the moment I can feel such a excitment is rare in life. Figure skating is something soft and gentle as you naturally glide witout any hard movements. Then I feel the flow of wind and I feel free. Waltz is a kind of music that leads you to such a sense of freedom.

I'd like Daisuke to express that excitment of freedom given by figure skating, which you can feel when you unite with wind.

Q: But to express somethting like excitment is pretty difficult, isn't it?
A: It takes a lot of time to express things like freedom, joy and sorrow. In figure skating, the basics are essential. You can't express anything without them. It's a sport that you have to spend enormous amount of time to learn "just skate", which is one of the basics. So it takes you longer time to to be able to enjoy to express various kinds of feelings with freedom.

Furthermore, even though you've reached that far, your condition on a day affects you. I myself wanted to express those feelings in La traviata in Vancouver Olympics but I lost that freedom of expression due to fear and nervousness. Really sad, but I can't control it. That was one of the most important moments in my life but I couldn't show my expressiveness. I couldn't help it. Now I think it was something you couldn't choose, like fate. ( Sad Sad )

Probably expression of emotion is so complex that you can't command your body like "Do this way today."

Q: I heard it was your first choreography. Would you like to continue?
A: I choreographed some for children in this rink so far. But that's right, I did complex choreography for Denis Ten and Daisuke for the first time.

BTW, those two were totally different in personality, styles of figure skating, way of expression and attitude in learning. Ten is 16 yo. He desperately wanted to show me everything he has and impress me. Actually it was adorable. OTOH Daisuke was a experienced skater who was gentle, careful to my words and diligent.

To know the difference between the two was also really a good lesson for me. Consequently I had to change the way of choreo but it was interesting. I'd like to continue to choreograph from now on. And choreography work is ideal for me now, because I can do it while participating in ice shows.

Next in the interview, Stephane talked about Japan. And then he talked about himself. He is very satisfied with the current situation. ( Very Happy ) He once regreted why he didn't do ballet more seriously. But now he realizes he loves that excitment he feels when wind blows over his body in figure skating. Only figure skating has that speed and extensive space to perform.

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Stephane Lambiel talked about Daisuke in
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