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 Second chance to order ticket “Friends on ice 2007” at Pia

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PostSubject: Second chance to order ticket “Friends on ice 2007” at Pia   Thu Jun 21, 2007 9:30 pm

You have a second chance to order “Friends on ice 2007” at Japanese ticket web "Pia".
This pre-order will bigin as bellow schedule:
("Friends on ice 2007”のプレオーダー2次受付がぴあで開始されます。)

"Friends on ice 2007” Pre-order (プレオーダー申し込み期間)
From 06/23/2007 0:00 to 06/27/2007 9:00 at Japan time

Schedule “Friends on ice 2007”
Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel Skate Center

08/18/2007(Sat) 14:00, 19:00 -Yokohama, Japan
08/19/2007(Sun) 12:30, 18:30 -Yokohama, Japan

Seat: Super Arena ¥18,000.- , Arena ¥15,000.-, SS seat ¥13,000.-, S seat ¥9,000.-, A seat ¥6,000.-

Daisuke Takahashi/Shizuka Arakawa
Yamato Tamura
Takeshi Honda
Yoshie Onda
Special Guest Evan Lysacek

はずれた方、今回こそ、当たりますように! cheers
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Second chance to order ticket “Friends on ice 2007” at Pia
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