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 Press interview for NHK Trophy 2009

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PostSubject: Press interview for NHK Trophy 2009   Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:38 pm

According to press interview for NHK Trophy 2009 on Oct. 1st, 2009 in Tokyo, Daisuke mentioned "I already recovered my right knee completely. I'm keeping a good shape more than before." Since Takahashi started to practice a quad jump, he had a trouble with his shoes and currently he uses a new one. "Fortunately, my jumps are so stable and steps which has a wide range are faster than before. I'd like to jump a quad completely until upcoming NHK trophy."

Here are some news, pls check Daisuke's pics.



フィギュア:高橋「最低でもメダル」 NHK杯前に会見


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PostSubject: Re: Press interview for NHK Trophy 2009   Sat Oct 03, 2009 4:43 pm

Thank you for the links and picture, Leode! Very Happy

I found the Q&As at NHK Trophy press interview.

Here are the some of Dai-chan's Q&As.

Q: How would you like to perform this season's program in NHK Trophy?
D: SP is "eye", the program which I skated in an ice show last year but it became a different one after I changed the stepd and the contents. It's very cool. (stylish? fashionable? in Japanese おしゃれ ) For FP I use the music called "La Strada". The program includes various emotions so I'd like to perform differently in each scene. I always want to finish in perfection.

Q: You were plagued by injury last season and will come back in the Olympic year. Aiming for the Olympics, what is the position of NHK Trophy for you?
D: I have very low ISU point and it will effect on the starting order in SP. So I have to get points there. At least I want to win a medal and make a good start in NHK Trophy.

Q: How much have you recovered compared to before injury?
D: I have recovered 100%. The sharpness of my body is better than before. As for step, I acquire speed and scale more day by day. My jumps are becoming stable now and I can land even though I'm tired. I think I'm doing fine.

Q: What is the success rate for a quad so far?
D: Honestly speaking, I can't practice it recently because of the trouble of my skating boots, that happend when I was getting better feeling with it. I'd like to increase the success rate until NHK Trophy.

Q: In NHK Trophy the top contenders will gather. Can you see the distance between you and the world after a year absence?
D: There are skaters who have grown rapidly since last season so I don't know well about the current situation. I'd like to forget about my previous career and fight with the spirit of a challenger or a new man. I just want to concentrate on doing my best without thinking other things.

Q: What would you like to have if god gave you who practiced hard for the Olympic season, a gift?
D: Gold in Olympics. That's all.

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Press interview for NHK Trophy 2009
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