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 Sports 2.0 cover story Ė Daisuke Takahashi

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PostSubject: Sports 2.0 cover story Ė Daisuke Takahashi   Tue May 13, 2008 6:00 am

Korean weekly sport journal ĎSports 2.0í featured Daisuke after 2008 Four Continents in Korea.
Sorry for my bad English. I tried to translate literally, but Iím awkward at it. I hope you like it anyway.

Step of passion? Step of soul!
Four Continents men single champion, Daisuke Takahashi

On February 11th, Na-Young Kim [17 years old, 4th place in this 4CC]ís coach Hye-Sook Shin came and went busily around the ice rink. Then a Japanese coach who is familiar with her came to Shin and open her case difficultly. ďCould I possibly get a gym ball?Ē gym ball is a rubber ball using to relax muscles at stretching. Shin thought it is not a difficult request.

She replied, ďI have to go Lotte ice rink in Jamsil tomorrow because of Na-Youngís practice anyway. Iíll try to buy it at near large mart.Ē
The lady who asked to Shin a gym ball was Utako Nagamitsu, the very woman coaching to menís single of Japanese team, Daisuke Takahashi.

Shin bought a gym ball next day and gave to Nagamitsu. A few days later, Shin completely forgets about the gym ball and waiting ladies free skating which Na-Young Kim will participate. Then, a young male skater came to her and bows his head with bend waist. He said so respectfully ďThank youĒ over and over again as to the other person might felt inconvenience.

ďIt was Takahashi. Mostly in such a case, coaches say ĎThank youí among themselves and just forget it. Thereís almost no situation that skater come to see and gratitude by himself. How much Takahashi respectfully expressed the courtesy Ė I felt just as much as awkward.Ē
This anecdote is a short story which is able to peep through Takahashiís humanity. Simultaneously, itís an episode that shows his completeness by implication.

If you focus on Takahashiís costume and hairstyle, he looks like a kind of genius athlete far from an effort. But he is diametrically opposite to it. Takahashi, who is 21 years old this year, started skating since he was 8 years old. His parents ask him to do an ice hockey in order to bring up their son strongly. But Takahashi hated heavy and stuffy ice hockey costume, so he chose figure skating instead of ice hockey.

From then on, Takahashi subdued internal stage of Japan through a middle-high school and grew rapidly to won at 2002 Junior World Championships for the first time in Japanese menís single. Turning to senior circuit, he won the first title in a life at 2005 Grand Prix Series [Skate America]. Itís a heroic feat to won at Grand Prix Series for the second time in Japanese menís single following Takeshi Honda.

In 2006 Torino Olympics he was limited to finished in 8th place, but at World Championships held in last year, he got on 3rd place at short program, 1st place at free skating and took a silver medal which is highest result in World Championshipsí successive generation in Japanese menís single. Takahashi is taking to be the strongest likely winner in 2010 Vanquber Winter Olympics.

Nagamitsu said, ďTakahashiís fast growth was based on his effort and perseverance which training himself steadily.Ē According to her, Takahashi is an exemplary student who has never been disobeyed his training time.

Shin, who remembering well Takahashiís junior times, said a similar story. ďHis endeavor is always the same in these days as in those. If anyone taken a penalty of popularity, it is certain to his ability will hesitant and could be idle. But on the contrary, Takahashi is getting more sincere.Ē

Takahashiís manager Ihara Tak Universal Sport Director emphasized that Daisuke for a human, not a figure skater, has no difference in particular. ďHe is a straight forward and sincere young man. Thereís rare person who have a clear target like that and do his best every day in his early of twenties.Ē

In Japan, Takahashiís nickname is ĎPrince of passionate stepí. But it must change to ĎPrince of soulful stepí. For him, the ice is a soulful place which is couldnít explain to just passion.

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PostSubject: Re: Sports 2.0 cover story Ė Daisuke Takahashi   Tue May 13, 2008 6:01 am

Q1) In men single event, you won with world recording in total score 264.41.
- Thank you. (Smile radiantly) Korean fanís cheering helped me a lot.

Q2) This seasonís short program is getting so much good reaction. Thereís many fans open their eyes after watching your short program. It seems Swan Lake hip-hop version gives a good influence.
- Itís also my pleasure that many fans enjoy it. Choreographer Nikolai Morozov takes charge of selecting music. He also chose Swan Lake hip-hop version. I didnít hate hip-hop, but at first, I thought I dislike doing because of a feeling of unfamiliar. However I decided to believe and follow my coach. I hadnít ever thought it gains so much good reaction like this as a result at all.

Q3) I heard you went to dance school in New York, USA.
- After deciding my short program, I went to New York and attended hip-hop dance school. A sense of rhythm learned at that time helped me a lot for this choreography. From now on, Iím going to choose the music according to Morozovís recommend.

Q4) You said you will choose the music according to Morozovís recommend. Iím wondering what kind of music he will choose after Swan Lake hip-hop version.
- Well, itís difficult to answer definitely because I canít know his thinking what kind of music he will select. Like you, Iím in a situation of just watching (laughing)

Q5) Thereís much reputation that your figure skating style, and an attitude for the figure skater changed after you met Morozov coach.
- This year, itís third years after I have been together with him. During this time, itís true that I changed extremely even in my opinion. Of course my skating ability also developed a lot.

Q6) I want to know concretely what Morozov affected you.
- Before I met Morozov, I didnít realize for myself why I have to do a skating, what I have to pursue and what Iím lacking. But after I met him, my viewpoint of watching skating is changed. He not only helped me to grow up in skating technical aspect, but also required me to exert myself in presentation and made me get a good result. I canít skip a mental aspect, either.

Q7) You mean he affected you in mental aspect?
- My former self wasnít a skater who is full of confidence. Morozov emphasized that it is important to get a confidence for myself. Technique is also important but first of all, it seems he affected me a lot in confidence. He advised me a lot about how much it helps in doing events that believing in myself and a thinking of Iím a best skater.

Q8 ) As well as Miki Ando, youíre satisfied with Morozovís training. What kind of coach he is?

- He isnít a style that say ĎDo like this, do like thatí. He teaches a skater with a body in order to thinking and practicing for oneself. He gives times so as to a skater could know first what was lacking in last training and fill with oneself. If I idle my time away sometimes, he gets angry at times. Each time I try to reform my mind myself and regain concentration. Now weíre became familiar with each other. Do well times or bad times, the thing that thereís a coach who always looking after me makes feel relieve in many respects.

Q9) You made a world record in this competition. What did you heard from Morozov?
- With ĎYou have done fineí, I just heard an advise that ĎLetís try like this in next competition.í Morozov teaches me to donít satisfied with now and look at higher place.

Q10) I heard you learned a combative sport in order to build up mental power.
- (With his eyes wide open) Combative sport? I didnít learn it. I had never learned or practiced in apart so as to build up mental power. Where did you hear that? (When I told him I heard from Japanese reporters, he swing his hand mischievously) Indeed, I have never done like that at all.

Q11) What kind of image or tempo of music do you like?
- At first, I prefer old music which has very gloomy feelings. But nowadays I became loving bright music, too. I think it would be fight I like all kind of music.

Q12) Youíre famous for peculiar costume. I heard youíre superior to fashion sense in daily life, too. How much your opinion is reflected in?
- Thereís an expert designer out of Morozovís acquaintance. He makes my costume. Morozov puts on 5-10 designs given by designer and consults with me, then decides the costume. Thereís never case that my opinion is reflecting from the first.

Q13) Your hairstyle is unique the same. Do you also consult it with Morozov?
- According to programís contents, hairstyle is change, too. Different from other things, T change hairstyle freely. (Utako Nagamitsu said, ďFor Takahashi, hairstyle is himself. If hairstyle is strange, he doesnít go out at home.)

Q14) In Japanese media and interview, you said Korean fansí cheering gave you a moving force that could be better in the play. Please evaluate Korean fansí cheering.
- Would I express it was extremely intense? I felt (Korea is) immensely passionate country. Though there wasnít much audience in the arena, the shouting and cheering was so amazing as to have an illusion that exorbitantly abundant audiences are watching. I was surprised but truly, I was glad and thankful. Together, Iím happy that I received a good estimation from judges and was able to recompense to fansí shouting of encouragement.

Q15) Do you have a plan to participate in ice show or something that held in Korea?
- Of course. I want to meet with Korean fans frequently if I have an opportunity. Korean foods are very delicious. There were no extra times I can travel this time, but I want to visit again Korea in the near time in order to sightseeing. Of course thereís many fans cheering me in Korea and I heard that my fan club has formed. (Hearing the news that fan club was formed) I thought Iíll have to come here again for certain.

Q16) How many have you ever visited Korea this time?
- This is a second times. I visited Korea in 2005 in order to participate in Four Continents also. There were a lot of mountains (When I said thatís Gangneung, he smiled) Ah, it was Gangneung. I remember Gangneung was little far that here (Goyang).

Q17) In a few years, your jump consistency have raised greatly. I think there was something more different training ways or determination than others.
- I felt extremely in convenience by the lack of 2006 Torino Olympicsí result. Over 2 years from then to this year, I exert myself in order to raise my jump consistency. Now Iím almost in step of acquire. Jump is important to success, but itís also as much important to reduce mistakes. When there rising a critical mind ĎWhat I have to do wellí and if this consciousness became a target, it seems to change first from the attitude that came into the training.

Q18) Your sit-spin have improved conspicuously.
- I have had a thinking from before that Iím lacking in spins. Even now, speeds slow down at sit-spin sometimes, so I try to beware of it. But I donít intend to do training just in order to improve special technique. Considering an overall balance and harmony, I concentrate my effort on all of technical training. I think a way of training like this making me get a good result. From this season, the rule became more severe, so I have to do work harder.

Q19) Youíre already promoted to world rank by steady quad toeloop. Nevertheless, Iím surprised that I heard youíre practicing a high-difficult quad jump, quad flip.
- Itís over praise. I practice it at off-season at times, but in all respects, thereís no time to split up in quad jump during the season. Of course quad jump is very difficult technique.

Q20) A thing that I canít exclude out of your strong point is steps. When I see your steps in short program, skates you put on make me feel light like your skates are made of a paper. On the contrary, in your powerful steps, I feel a power like you put on military shoes. I think you have a great pride.
- A pride. Iím not in that extent. Thereís many skaters show a wonderful steps. I love steps, but like I said in front, itís not an extent that feels a pride or self-confidence. I think itís just my specialty.

Q21) Your nickname is ĎPrince of passionate stepsí, arenít you?
- (Laughing highly for a long time) Thatís a nickname which is given by television of their free will. I dislike that nickname personally.

Q22) Then, whatís your favorite nickname?
- I donít have like that. I donít need it, either. (Laugh)

Q23) If a skater superb in jump and steps like you, it seems there isnít a target particularly.
- (Shaking his head and with a firm voice) Itís just recent times I became do well at jumps. From now on, I have to endeavor to do jumps with no mistakes and be able to assure for myself. I want to do like that at any cost. About spins, I have a lot of lacking things as yet. Because of the points arenít so high. Itís okay but then in practice times, when I get in the field, thereíre still remaining some problems.

Q24) In 2005, following Takeshi Honda, you won secondly in Four Continents in Japanese menís single. From then on, youíve been acting to represent for Japanese men single. It seems you have too many things on your hand. (Takeshi Honda won at 1999 1st Four continents) [In 2005 Daisuke took 3rd, not 1st.]
- I have no feeling of burden. Iím thinking like itís glad that I became represent for Japan following a nice senior.

Q25) In Asian figure skating, men single made slow development compare to ladies single. There werenít many Asian male skater participate in international competitions, either. In the past, you had many international competitions participating alone for Asian male skater. Didnít you feel lonely or like that then?
- In former times, I felt somewhat like that feeling, like a lonely. I had no confidence at then, either. Nowadays, also in Japan, many potential young skaters are training hard. I think itís the best thing if they grow up and become a rival with me.

Q26) If your quad set in stability force, it seems your rivals get increase. What do you think?
- First, rather that care about the being of rivals, my target is doing a best performance I can convince myself in World Championships. I took a silver medal last year, so I have a think about wish for put a medal in my neck continually. Iím strained because many skaters will come in various countries including Europe. Especially I have such a jinx to Stephane Lambiel. This time, Iím thinking that Iíll concentrate on my own performance in order to overcome that jinx.

Q27) How is your mind going into the World Championships in Sweden on March?
- Even if itíll not be an overwhelming gap of scores like in Four Continents, I want to make complete victory which doesnít lose in both short and free program. A establishment of definite target like that motivate to make me strive for training.

Q28) Youíre major in literature in Kansai University. Is there a reason to select a literature for your major?
- Exactly speaking, Iím studying a physical exercise science, not a literature. Thereís no special physical science part in Kansai University. Itís including of literature part.

Q29) Like Korea, figure skating is booming lately in Japan. Many junior skaters putting on skate follow the example of you.
- Nice juniors are coming out. Iím in a mind that hoping them to work hard in order to carry on the present popularity of figure skating.

Q30) To figure skaters, jumps are like a throw coins choose a heaven or hell. I wonder your feeling when success or failed.
- I have an unsatisfied feeling at times when I failed in jumps however, while Iím immersed in the performance at the height, I have no time to feel like be disappoint or be angry with myself. I get to think just about how to continue my performance in order to good result.

Q31) They saying that when you failed at jumps and fall over the ice, you send your eyes to audience. Then if the audience didnít meet his or hers eyes with you, I heard it makes you sad. Is it true?
- (Laughing for a long time again) No. Who on earth goes on say such a thing. (With a blend smile when I said I also heard from Japanese reporters) During the performance, thereís a time to send my eyes in an appeal point. If audience didnít take contact eyes then, Iím a bitÖ

Q32) It means youíre sad.
- (In a quite tone) Yes.

Q33) Youíre known for your daily training hours are long.
- I skate three hours in a day. Other training hours like weight training and choreography are about 2-3 hours. Itís important to training how effectively in given times rather than training hours.

Q34) How do you spend your time mostly when you have no training?
- I think itís the same with other university students. Like going shopping and meeting friends. But I canít arrange rest hours for long because I have to set in regular training hours.

Q35) I want to hear you about your dream.
- First of all, my target is winning at 2010 Vanquber Winter Olympics. For now, I donít thinking about anything except for that.

Q36) What is figure skating for you.
- A stage and the object I can express myself best is just a figure skating. Figure skating inculcated me with self-confidence and extended a potential in order to go a various way. Iíll put on skate continually in the future.

Ah........... I can't see this anymore Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
I hope Dai will be good...
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PostSubject: Re: Sports 2.0 cover story Ė Daisuke Takahashi   Tue May 13, 2008 2:30 pm

Hi yerina! Long time no see!Very Happy Very Happy
Thank you for your enormous effort!! cheers cheers I really enjoyed reading it.

It's somehow very sad... Sad Sad At that time we couldn't imagine at all what would happend later on. By reading this I re-realized what a wonderful team Dai-chan and Nikolai used to be.... Neutral
But it's time to take another step to be a champion!!cheers cheers

GO DAI-CHAN!! cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Sports 2.0 cover story Ė Daisuke Takahashi   Tue May 13, 2008 4:45 pm

yerina, thank you so much for the translation! Wow! flower

It's a very interesting read!

Quote :
(When I told him I heard from Japanese reporters, he swing his hand mischievously)
Haha I can totally picture Daisuke doing that Laughing Basketball
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PostSubject: Re: Sports 2.0 cover story Ė Daisuke Takahashi   Wed May 14, 2008 12:48 am

Thank you so much fro translation, yerina! Very Happy It was a so long interview...

It's so nice the anedocte about gym-ball... this is Dai-chan... cheers

Talking about Korea, Daisuke first said he loves Korean foods... this is Dai-chan, too?!?! Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Sports 2.0 cover story Ė Daisuke Takahashi   Thu May 29, 2008 6:39 am

Hi, yerina. I'm so glad to see your post. Very Happy Thank you so so much for translating this super long interview for us!!!

I enjoyed reading this interview so very much and thank you once again for all your effort and time in translating this for us! cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Sports 2.0 cover story Ė Daisuke Takahashi   Sun Jun 01, 2008 9:47 am

Hi, yerina, thank you so much for the translation and taking your time for us. Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Sports 2.0 cover story Ė Daisuke Takahashi   Sun Jun 01, 2008 10:18 am

Thanks yerina! It must have taken a long time to translate!

Quote :

Q31) They saying that when you failed at jumps and fall over the ice, you send your eyes to audience. Then if the audience didnít meet his or hers eyes with you, I heard it makes you sad. Is it true?
- (Laughing for a long time again) No. Who on earth goes on say such a thing. (With a blend smile when I said I also heard from Japanese reporters) During the performance, thereís a time to send my eyes in an appeal point. If audience didnít take contact eyes then, Iím a bitÖ

Q32) It means youíre sad.
- (In a quite tone) Yes.

Aww! He really thrives on audience interaction. I love how he doesn't admit he gets said when the audience doesn't make eye contact at first. Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: Sports 2.0 cover story Ė Daisuke Takahashi   

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Sports 2.0 cover story Ė Daisuke Takahashi
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