News and Discussions About the 2010 Olympic Bronze Medalist and World Champion Daisuke Takahashi.
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 Collection Of Nice Quotes About Daisuke From Others

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PostSubject: Collection Of Nice Quotes About Daisuke From Others   Tue Mar 25, 2008 9:17 pm

Hi, you guys. I feel a need to create a thread here to list all the nice quotes that other fans/posters, coaches, skaters, and so on have said about Daisuke recently, in addition to the ones that we post here at DTFF. Please feel free to post as many as you like everyone! I hope everyone can cheer up and remember all the good, wonderful things about Daisuke. And I wish that he could see these too.

Here's a nice post from Bennett from Bennett, perhaps you are a member of DTFF too (you seem like a fan maybe)? Very Happy

Quote :
Takahashi is always extremely modest and humble and pays the greatest respect to his fellow competitors. He says a lot of wonderful things to other skaters including even junior skaters whose names ppl don't recognize. I guess he really seems to be interested in learning good things from others. I think that he is very softhearted and nice. But that might have contributed to some nerve issues. I feel that perhaps he had a lot of anxiety and confidence issue after his practices were getting falling apart right before the competition.
Yet, I still think that both Yuna and Takahashi prove that you can be humble, modest, nice, but still a strong competitor. Perhaps he just needed to be a bit calmer, more relaxed, and more easy-going. Takahashi may be a little bit more delicate/sensitive and emotional in that aspect than Yuna. I heartily hope that the wound of this dissapointment will heal soon and that he could come back stronger next season without any injuries. Have a good rest and acknowledge what you had accomplished throughout the season

This one is from Medusa who is also from Very Happy

Quote :
I think Takahashi is a really impressive young man. I enjoyed his fair comments after the short program, he didn't complain about the placement... For someone who entered the competition as the red-hot-favourite he was a good loser, modest and dignified.

This one is also from Bennett again-
Quote :
Although Takahashi scored 20 points over 245 with two quads recently, it was the world record. This was the very best for him just as it was for Jeff this time and would not be easily repeated by him or others. Takahashi is not known for his quad but more for other things like steps, skating skills, and artistry that are really at the very top levels. He also tends to be pretty consistent in his other jumps. Not many guys could match these qualities.
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PostSubject: Re: Collection Of Nice Quotes About Daisuke From Others   Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:12 pm

These are all lovely quotes! Thanks for posting these!!
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Collection Of Nice Quotes About Daisuke From Others
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