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 Daisuke's Interview before "Skate America 2007"

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PostSubject: Daisuke's Interview before "Skate America 2007"   Sat Oct 20, 2007 8:56 am

Before "Skate America", the Sanyo Newspaper interviewed with Daisuke Takahashi who is targeting a gold medal at Words 2007.

「目標は世界選手権V フィギュア高橋大輔にインタビュー」

--What purpose do you jump quads 4T twice at beginning of free program?
"For getting a medal of Worlds, I need quad jumps twice properly.
At least I have a confidence to jump single quad if I get tired, however, obviously I have a stress to do quads twice. So, now, I'm trying to jump perfectly and it will be mine gradually."

--How do you feel about your performance of brand new programs at "International Counter Match 2007"?
"The Free program "Romeo And Juliet" was not completed, but I think that I accomplished my performance more than I expected earlier. I fell two quads, but I felt so good that I expected to do a good performance from next time. Although the short program was also not completed. But the audience applauded my performance, so I was really glad!!"

--How about your new free and short programs?
"Both programs are very hard for me. The short one is very danceable program that makes me change my previous images. In NY, I took dance lessons to learn Hip-Hop dance. I don't think I can dance like a Hip-Hop dancers, but please check more intense steps and spins at end of the program."

--What kinds of element do you have to improve?
"I was practicing quads and spins especially. According to change the rule, it needs more low position of sit spins. I have to make sure the turns of spins and my hip position.

--You have many competitions. What is your target in this season?
"My final target is a gold medal of Worlds in this season. But I would like to be a winner for each competitions. For this purpose, I will concentrate and make a conscious effort at competitions.

--How about a Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics?
"I have a confidence to get on a podium since I got a silver medal at Worlds 2007. But I have to improve all elements of my skating skill and I'll do my best at each competitions. I think that makes me lead up to next step."

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Number of posts : 1650
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PostSubject: Re: Daisuke's Interview before "Skate America 2007"   Sun Oct 21, 2007 8:24 am

On Oct. 20, 2007, Japan TV program "Get-Sport"(TV Asahi) was on air an interview with Daisuke, Miki Ando and Mao Asada about GP series. Daisuke said about GP series "They are big competitions, so I can challenge in every way." and commented "Skate America", "I got a medal in 2005, but I will try to perform like a new challenger at this competition again."

Following 4 pics, I think that 3 of pics are from Daisuke's interview and practice at Hackensack in NJ on July, 2007. And last one is from his latest interview.

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Daisuke's Interview before "Skate America 2007"
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