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 Albena Denkova: I Thought People Would Lynch Us

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PostSubject: Albena Denkova: I Thought People Would Lynch Us   Sat Sep 29, 2007 5:25 pm

28 September 2007, Friday

Albena Denkova, partner in life and on the ice rink of world ice dancing champion Maxim Staviiski, talked openly about their fears and hopes after the drunk driving crash that he triggered, killing one.

"During the first three weeks after the tragedy I thought people would take us to the center of the city and lynch us. When I did go out, however, I saw that many people sympathized with us and were even supporting us," Denkova said in an interview for private Nova TV channel.

"Many fans from all over the world support us. These are people, who sympathize with those hurt in the tragedy and realize that that could happen to anyone," she added.

Albena said she still has not recovered from the shock and find it very difficult to describe with words how she feels.

"These are very harsh times for both Maxim and me. I did not find the strength to leave our home for whole three weeks after the crash and even now Maxim goes out only when it is urgent."

"We have always been people with our feet firmly on the ground, but it is a cruel slap in the face that nobody has even expected," she said. "Our life turned upside down in one second, turning from a hero to a villain."

Albena expressed the hope that the tragedy will not spell the end of their career, but was positive she won't be back to the ice rink alone.

The drunk driving crash, between Staviiski's Hummer sport utility vehicle and another two carts, occurred late on August 5 on a bridge near the Black Sea city of Burgas.

Staviiski veered into the opposite lane and bumped headlong into a Honda Civic with four people riding in it. The driver of the Honda died in a hospital, while his passenger - a woman - was hospitalised in a coma.

The blood alcohol test has shown that Staviiski had 1.1 permilles of alcohol in his blood. The legal driving limit in Bulgaria is 0.5.

If found guilty, Maxim faces up to ten years behind bars.

Albena and Maxim defended their world title in Tokyo in March.

source: Sofia News Agency
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Albena Denkova: I Thought People Would Lynch Us
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