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 Brian Joubert "French Star is a Global Sensation"

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PostSubject: Brian Joubert "French Star is a Global Sensation"   Sun Sep 23, 2007 6:59 pm

I found this article of "International Figure Skating" at GS forum. It was an interesting story about Brian Joubert.

Brian Joubert "French Star is a Global Sensation"

Quote :
"Joubert backed up his clean quad with seven triples in the free skate and placed third in that portion of the event with 157.21 points. Describing the wait backstage after his performance as “very long,” Joubert watched the performance of Japan’s Daisuke Takahashi on a TV monitor. "
I've seen this vid of Jubert, he was very surprised about Daisuke's point!! He seemed that he was disturbed by Daisuke's high point.Exclamation

Quote :
Takahashi’s win at the Winter Universiade in January, an ISU ranking competition, earned him enough points to climb ahead of Joubert in the final standings. Joubert did not compete at that event. “That was hard to swallow,” Joubert said about the final standings. “Let’s hope the ISU will understand there is a need to change the way this ranking is operated.”
That's why Daisuke is now ranked 2nd place. I think that this is right decision by concerning about Brian's last season results.(But how about Euro?) Anyway, I'm glad to know that Brian are very conscious about Daisuke as competitor. Cool
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Brian Joubert "French Star is a Global Sensation"
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