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 Bulgaria Grants BGN 2000 Bail to World Champ Maxim Staviiski

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PostSubject: Bulgaria Grants BGN 2000 Bail to World Champ Maxim Staviiski   Wed Sep 05, 2007 2:53 pm

Double world champion in figure skating Maxim Staviiski, who was charged with the murder of a man in a car crash, has been granted a bail of BGN 2000.

The breaking news came from Germany, where prosecutor Svetlozar Kostov, one of the three to have been assigned the case so far, is paying a visit.

"The bail should be paid within a three-day period. As far as I know it has not been paid yet," Kostov told Trud daily. He added that Maxim Staviiski has been banned from leaving Bulgaria because of the grave crime that committed.

A day earlier Bulgarian prosecutors pressed charges against Maxim Staviiski for causing the death of a man a month ago. The bill of indictment emphasizes that Maxim helped the victims after the crash but it was not immediately clear whether it mentions the level of alcohol in his blood.

Suspicions of a cover-up are surrounding the investigation into last month's crash on a bridge near the Black Sea city of Burgas that killed one man and injured another three.

The case was assigned not to one but to three prosecutors in a row and Staviiski was questioned for the first time since the deadly crash late on Tuesday.

To top it all off, a day after prosecutors pressed charges in Bulgaria, there broke the news about the bail from Germany.

The defence declined to comment the information.

The crash, between skater's Hummer sport utility vehicle and two cars, occurred August 5 on a bridge near the Black Sea city of Burgas.

Staviiski veered into the opposite lane and bumped headlong into a Honda Civic with four people riding in it. The driver of the Honda Petar Petrov, 24, died in a hospital and one of his passengers - an 18-year-old Mihaela Gorsova - was hospitalised in a coma.

The blood alcohol test has shown that Staviiski had 1.1 permilles of alcohol in his blood. The legal driving limit in Bulgaria is 0.5.

If found guilty, Maxim faces up to ten years behind bars.

ETA: source: (Sofia News Agency)
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Bulgaria Grants BGN 2000 Bail to World Champ Maxim Staviiski
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