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 "be" Asahi Newspaper on May 5th, 2007

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PostSubject: "be" Asahi Newspaper on May 5th, 2007   Sun May 20, 2007 3:29 pm

Daisuke is featuring on the "be" Asashi News paper on May, 5th, 12th, and last today. (in Japanese)

"be" on May 5th, 2007 "Takahashi won a silver medal even though he had a fever."

On the World 2007 March 22nd Free program, before the big performance of straight-line steps, he was very tired. "I couldn't do it all, but the audience supported me to finish the program." End up the program, he won first silver medal as Japanese men and cried before the audience. "I hate to cry with the public."

He had a pressure at the worlds in front of home crowd and the reputation which he has a glass heart. Unfortunately, he also had a fever. Daisuke remembered "They almost made me cry before the short program performance." The night before short program, "I was very exhausted after backing to Japan from US." This made some mistakes for short program, however, the bad things also made him an optimistic.

After the 3rd place of GPF 2005 in Tokyo, Nikolai Morozov asked Takahashi about result. Takahashi replied "I was satisfied with the 3rd place, it was a little bit difference of score to 2nd place." Morozov said to his reply. "No! You can be on the top, you need more higher target." His advice made his mind changed that he commented afterwords " I wanted to get a gold medal." from his heart. He intended to plunge his situation into getting a medal by his words.

Morozov gave Takahashi a hard free program as " Phantom of the Opera" which has 5 kinds of jumps during the latter half of program. Takahashi was very surprised about this program at first time, however, Morozov said "You can do it all."This program was a most succefully well-constructed program and helped him to win a medal.

I didn't notice his bad physical condition at short program but only his body which lost weight a little bit. He didn't nothing say about this, this is vey professinal.


"be" 「逆風満帆」 高橋大輔 「発熱おして銀メダル」

地元日本での開催のプレッシャーや精神的に弱いというレッテルに加え、体調不良。「滑る前から泣きそうだった。」ショートプログラムの前夜、「アメリカから帰ってきてしんどくて、なかなか疲れが抜けなかった。」 体調不良のせいでショートプログラムはミスをしたが、返って高橋は開きなおれた。

2005の東京でのGPFの結果をコーチのモロゾフに聞かれた高橋。「3番だし2位と点差は少ないし、いいと思う。」と答えた。その答えにモロゾフは納得せず、「だめだ。もっと上に行ける。自分の目標が低すぎる。」 このアドバイスは高橋を変え、「銀メダルを目指す。そういう気持ちで言って表彰台に上がりたい。」と口にした。本心は「そう話すことで、自分を追い込む感じだった。」

モロゾフは高橋に「オペラ座の怪人」という後半にジャンプが5回ある難しいプログラムを与えた。高橋はこのプログラムについて最初驚いたが、モロゾフは「出来ないわけがない。」と言い放った。このプログラムは高い評価を受け、高橋の銀メダルへの助けとなった。(2007/5/5 "be"より抜粋)

体調について何も言わなかったのはプロ根性ですね。 cheers
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"be" Asahi Newspaper on May 5th, 2007
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